We have two active offices. One in Belize and one in the USA.

The Canadian Office is used for mail-in orders. Please make sure you send it there. Our address can be found on the contact-us page.

We do not offer local medication pick up at our Canadian location- in case you are traveling to Toronto.

We can, however, have a team member meet you at a Toronto hotel or airport for an expensive or refrigerated item.  We have had many customers travel to Toronto to save on thousands of dollars on the cost of their medicines for the small price of airfare and a two-night stay in Toronto.

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The most frustrating thing about the online business is shipping and waiting.

Medications cannot travel overnight through Customs and we need to be patient as packages are subject to Customs inspections and the whims of the Postal Service.

For packages sent Expedited or Track pack, it is possible to track the delivery status as the product travels from Canada Post through the hands of Customs then the US postal service and to your door.

Below is a quick video on how to track your own package by login into your account and visiting the tab- There you can press the [VIEW] box and by scrolling a little below you will see an orange button[TRACK] that will link you to the Postal Courier and the latest information.

Please be advised that Domperidone Regular mail for $10 does not offer tracking and takes on average 10-12 business days in a good season (ie Not December leading to Christmas) to arrive. We appreciate your patience.

We recommend you order 21 days before you run out to make sure you have enough medicine in case of uncontrollable delays.

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All the medications we provide are manufactured in Canada or the UK. Look for the Country of Origin when you purchase your medication under “Additional Details”

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We do not use any private couriers to ship. Couriers create many days delay at Customs and are expensive.

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Moose Points are loyalty rewards points that  accumulate as you buy.

For each 100 Moose Points, customers will receive a $1 discount on their next purchase!  That is a 1% return similar to many credit card rewards programs!

Your Points Total are available in your My Account page.

You will only gain points if you order your products online.

Moose Points
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Step 1

Registration is Simple! Just Enter your email
Your credentials from any former company will not work (we do not save passwords)


Tick the ” I am not a Robot” box and play the Captch game if necessary ( this is to ensure that you are a human and not a spammer!)




EXPLORE the DASHBOARD and go check your EMAIL for your temp password


Find your Welcome email and Temp password!


You can either set up your personal password now or later. If you accidentally get logged out before getting a chance to change it, you will need to use your temporary password to access your account again.



You can find your product in a few different ways!

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A quick step by step on how to reset a password.
Meant for customers with little online shopping experience!
You can only reset a password if you have an account already. Don’t forget –credentials from previous online companies did not transfer over!–
Register as a new customer and a temp password will be emailed to you!

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Products are shipped from our offices within 24-48 hours.

We are an honest operator and if we tell you we shipped it- it was shipped! We have built a reputation with our existing customers for almost 20 years and we are not about to start scamming our customers.

We do ask that you give the delivery up to 15+ business days to arrive. Products can arrive faster but unfortunately, delays can occur because of US Customs inspections and mail man delivery errors.  

Always plan ahead for your deliveries and keep in mind Stat holidays and high Volume season like Christmas which causes drastic delays.

Please stay on top of your medication supply.  We cannot ship overnight if your first package was delayed by the postal system or Customs.  We would truly wish we were able to delivery personally and have the capacities of Amazon to ship with our own fleet of airplanes or trucks- sadly, we do not and we are at the Mercy of the Postal system and its many many shortcomings.   Thank you again for your patience and for staying on top of your order and tracking.

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There is no actual “Refill” or “Re-order” Button .

Re-Ordering will depend on how you placed your previous 1st orders

  1. If you placed your order online, continue to do so and see your Moose Reward Points Account Grow!  You will not need to upload the Rx nor the Photo ID again for the refill order.
  2. If you placed your orders via postal mail, you will have to go through the same process again and send the form and payment.  This takes time, unfortunately.  Mail takes 1 week to get to us and a check needs time to clear -typically 2 weeks. The shipping back can take up to 15 days.   This method is ideal for customers ordering at least a 6 months supply.
  3. If you placed your order via fax, you can call us for a refill. 1888-846-3845
  4. If you placed your order via email.  Please send us a refill request via email at sales@maplevinecanada.com
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How to Order
How to Order online

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(Ordering is now very easy if you order online. Simply choose your product, upload you Prescription (RX) and Photo ID – (Look for the Upload 2/2 file area) during the ordering process, checkout and pay for your medicine.
Ordering online will allow you to track your package more efficiently and you can earn Reward Moose Points!

Here is a Video showing you step by step of one method of getting around the site to order!…

February 2020 Udpate – We’ve streamlined the Check out process were the final 1-2-3-4 steps are now compressed to one page! – easier and faster!!

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The Video will show you how to log out. Go to 1’38” to watch the end of the video

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Products are Shipped US Post

Products are shipped via the Postal System
Once in the US, products enter the US Postal system (USPS).

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This is a fair question. Unlike large established companies, online pharmacies are considered a high risk business, in the same risk category as online gambling and porn sites! Wait! What? Yes, Banks , Couriers, Customs are constantly on the lookout for online pharmaceuticals companies because it is big business for many shady individuals and other makers of fake products. Fake products would not as “big a deal” for a belt or a pair of shoes but one does not want to gamble with one’s health! And we understand this…

Unfortunately, trust can only be built slowly and through word of mouth. Even online reviews can be purchased and many companies post many assurances and state Canadian products only to ship cheaply produced third world countries pills.

So ” can we trust your company” is not an easy thing to answer, it takes time and a little good faith.

We only ask that you give us a try. You will not be disappointed in what we provide you. Our products are Canadian and ship from Canada. We compare our prices to Wallgreen’s cash price to make sure that you are saving as much money as possible on the brand name products. We do what is right even though it may at times be difficult and more costly to do so.

Have a great day! and God Bless!


Alex P, Pharmacist.

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Yes, you can order offline  and order manually

Fill the Order Form available for download at the bottom of MY ACCOUNT page or find it HERE (ORDER FORM)

Use the online store to obtain your price and fill the form.

3 Options:

  • Fax it back at our toll free number 1888-846-3595
  • Postal mail it back along with payment – Credit cards preferred. Checks and international money orders are accepted but cause at least a two-week delay to process
  • Email back the form as an attachment to sales@maplevinecanada.com

Unfortunately, you will not be able to accumulate Moose Rewards points when you order manually.

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Unfortunately, as products are not shipped within the United States, we cannot offer overnight shipping.

International Couriers will not take medicines through Customs overnight.

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Our brand name drugs are much less expensive than their US brand name cash counterparts.

In Canada -price regulations keep pharmaceutical prices of brand name drugs under control. The US does not offer this price control which also explains why generics are much cheaper in the US than in Canada. Once a product patent has expired, prices for generics drop sharply while the prices of generics in Canada maintain a price of 60-70% of the price of the brand.

Have a look at this small chart of actual cash price comparisons with a few popular brand names products.

Compare to Wallgreens

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