EsopH® for acid reflux


EsopH® (EH-sof) is a new natural health product for acid reflux.

It’s an oral gel that combines chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. The company claims it works by coating the esophagus to protect it from stomach acid…and reducing inflammation.

But there’s not good evidence that EsopH helps relieve heartburn…and it’s only been studied as an add-on to other heartburn meds.

For mild or infrequent heartburn, continue to suggest lifestyle changes first…such as quitting smoking and avoiding acidic foods.

If a med is needed, recommend intermittent use of an antacid (Tums, etc) or an H2-blocker (famotidine, etc).

Recommend a PPI for more frequent heartburn that occurs 2 days/week or more. Limit to a 14-day course to assess effect…and since chronic use is linked to fractures, C. difficile, pneumonia, etc.


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